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On Kobe and Michael’s Dynamic, Dynastic Legacy

The impact of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird cannot be understated when discussing the growth in mainstream popularity of the National Basketball Association. However, it’s the three-decade legacy of Michael Jordan, and the now stunningly departed Kobe Bryant that may be more important. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant achieved differently dynamic achievements. However, when examined together, a dynastic three-decades emerges. They are best studied via two five year cycles (Jordan from 1988–93, Kobe from 2005–10) which they dominated, and in doing so aided in the expansive growth of basketball as the best showcase of American and global popular culture. In developing as the best basketball players at points wherein uniquely, their incredible talent elevates basketball, sports, and the world-at-large, iconic legacies become apparent.

  • From 2005–2010, Kobe Bryant averaged 30 points per game. He also averaged six rebounds, five assists, and two steals while playing 39 minutes per game. In this era, Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers were two-time NBA champions, and Bryant himself was once the league’s Most Valuable Player.

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