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  • Tressie McMillan Cottom

    Tressie McMillan Cottom

    Sociologist. Writer. Professor. MacArthur Fellow. Books, speaking, podcast: www.tressiemc.com

  • Pedro Night

    Pedro Night

    Co-founder of Adobo DMV.

  • R.T.Collins


    Aka DiscoWrites. Writer and sex educator based in London. rtcollinswrites@gmail.com. @DiscoWrites.

  • Rita Sinorita Fierro

    Rita Sinorita Fierro

    Intellectual artist. Author. Evaluator. RadioHost. Birthing social equity and justice for everyone’s bliss. Book coming soon. Www.RitaFierro.com

  • Festival Advisor

    Festival Advisor

    Festival Advisor is a platform built for festival fans, industry fam, official ambassadors and event organizers to stand united and support one another.

  • Bondassage


    An erotic exploration of the senses comprised of light bondage, sensory deprivation, sensual massage, and sensation play. Bondassage.com

  • David Shorb

    David Shorb

    Writing about Society, Politics, Religion and Culture. You know all the thing you’re told not to talk about with your boss.

  • Andre Shakti

    Andre Shakti

    Andre Shakti is an educator, writer, activist, and professional slut. IAmPoly.net / @andreshakti

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