Dystopian Biorhythms Will Kill Us All

The world is in grave trouble because our lack of biorhythmic alignment with our selves and our surroundings has allowed for an entirely un-natural sense of law and order to arise and govern our existences. However, there’s a sane solution to this seemingly pseudo-scientific, yet entirely real societal denouement that bears a strong resemblance to Hieronymous Bosch’s 500-year old triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights pictured above. Let me explain.

Maybe the most significant influence in how I came to understand how humans interact with each other and the world around us cam from an IBM pro football simulator that aggregated two teams of players’ biorhythmic connection versus their opposition and assigned competitive scores. Biorhythmic studies attempt to make a predictable science out of how human’s biological cycles interact with a world broken down as a plane governed by mathematically-defined occurrences.

Moreso than watching players play on fields, I became obsessed with how personnel interacted, and how the success of a play was not just tied to execution, but to the relationship of the psychological connection between two athletes, their opponents, and heck, even the weather conditions and crowd reactions during the game itself. As I’ve grown older, this curiosity has evolved far past sports, and also has seen me study how other factors, from religion to gender, political affiliations, ethnicity, cultural associations and more affect human inter-connectivity. Insofar as myself, this has caused me to become more keenly cognizant of my body’s own “rhythmic” connection with others and the world around me. Thus, staying present and balanced as a body and soul in relation to others and my environment is always my foremost concern.

How our bodies interact with our world actually creates our best sense of how we govern our lives. In humans being adaptive creatures, I’ve personally always seen our laws as guidelines to our most safe and sustainable behaviors. In this case, “safe and sustainable” are defined as “adaptive measures meant to keep us in alignment with the rhythms of our humanity and our universe.” In the past year, I’ve been more tired, annoyed, and/or angst-ridden than usual, and I see others befallen by the same fate. There’s a very logical reason as to why this is the case.

We’re in the age of the simultaneous re-ascendance of Caligula-esque madness, Emperor Nero-style absurdity, and something akin to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse all joining forces as a six-man spiritual force out to mangle our connection with our universe. Violence, an obsession with sex and sexuality, and general mayhem currently comprise our simplified monolithic global governing notions and forces. However, none of these forces or notions are in alignment with the dogma of the religions of the world with which we’ve placed our ideas regarding freedom and sane social governance as our once tight tie to rhythmic balance with the world has loosened.

The trouble with modern times and the reason for the dystopian vibes that feel so predominant in our lives are, in my judgement, related to the notion that the natural circadian rhythms that aid in the study of biorhythmic connections are woefully maladjusted to the world in which we presently live. Circadian rhythms are 24-hour life-cycles generated within living organisms, and modulated by the impact of external sensations upon said organisms. We live in a world wherein technology has obliterated traditional senses of time, space, and place. As well, our world is hotter, colder, louder, and more crowded than ever before. Thus, the need for us to immediately stop and re-discover a sense of how we can align our rhythmic selves with the radically altered world around us is ultra-important.

In a world where human beings’ circadian rhythms become arrhythmic, there’s the correlating effect that humanity has less of an ability to actually cope with itself. Thus, we’re susceptible to to forces that, at a time wherein we were in better alignment with the then normalized cycles of the universe, were intrinsically aligned with the protection of our souls and selves. In a world so drastically out of rhythm and cycle, a dependence on “new” governing forces and notions, namely violence, sex, sexuality, and mayhem as fueled by a wealth and manifest destiny mandate that viciously separates humanity by class, culture, gender, and ethnicity, stand in diametric opposition to the established order of things and are allowed free reign.

In order to survive, there’s foremost a need for us all to discover the relative length of our day and the humanistic value of our time. We’re currently living in a world where climate change, gentrification, redevelopment and population growth infringe upon our daily process. Therefore, it’s important to consider that, given that we’ve immensely lessened and stressed the finite amount of time we have left on Earth as we know it, maybe a day is only worth “12 hours.” The trickle down effect is that an hour has become a minute and a minute is now a second. In this case, the value of our action/inaction is greater than ever before. Thus, it’s time to consider that drastic, and safe, yet spectacular action is the new order of our remaining lives and days in the universe.

It’s time that we engage the violence, sex, sexuality, and mayhem that govern our planet with radical love and acceptance in order to balance their disharmonious aims. Leaning into violence with aggressive displays of peace and understanding is an absolute necessity. Instead of punching a fascist in the face, maybe shaking his hand and apologizing to him for having lived through a moment in life that so traumatized his perception of the potential of a Utopian society is needed.

As well, insofar as sexuality, maybe evolving our awareness of gender, and dissolving the hardened walls of society’s expectation to the point of possible subconscious demand for patriarchal dominance would is necessary. Regarding sex, celebrating the inherent beauty of human connectivity in all variations as a goal over pushing the dichotomies of separation and unification of disparate bodies is necessary. Insofar as general mayhem, maybe it’s in looking at embracing practices that simultaneously ensure the physical safety, emotional strength, spiritual growth, and general societal evolution of our best selves that’s ideal.

If we continue to allow our disconnected non-circadian aligned selves to exist within this now inherently flawed universe, the potential for the dystopian biorhythms apparent in said flawed universe to have a negative effect upon our lives is actually quite high. However, in re-adjusting our lives by increasing the value we place in ourselves while being cognizant of he significantly smaller amount of time, space, and place in which we live, we can do well to begin the process of actually saving our lives. In resisting the urge to give in to forces that pervert religion, encourage violence, demonize sex and sexuality, and accelerate mayhem, dystopian biorhythms don’t have to kill us all.



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